Support a BSL Act for England

During Sign Language Week, Dawn Butler MP was the first person to use British Sign Lanugage to ask a question in Parliament. Watch Dawn Butler MP sign in Parliament!

Dawn has started an Early Day Motion, asking MPs to sign their support for a BSL Act for England that would give British Sign Language recognition in law. The Early Day Motion is number 1060 and is the first stage to creating a new law – if there is enough support.

Access Bedford would like you to email or tweet your MP to ask them to support Early Day Motion 1060 and support a BSL Act for England.

Step one – find your local MP We have found the details for the Bedfordshire MPs for you.


Step two – contact them by email, twitter, facebook, letter or in person and ask them to support Early Day Motion 1060. You can use our EDM 1060 Letter 2017 or use our picture for facebook or twitter.  EDM 1060

Step three – wait for a reply. If they don’t contact you back then contact them again!

Step four – look to see if they have signed their support – one local MP already has!

This is our chance to make a difference – join us and campaing for the BSL Act in England!




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