Your rights to BSL in the NHS and adult social care

Information updated by Access Bedford 16 October 2016


On the Record Communication Card

Communication card created by Action on Hearing Loss.

The  NHS Accessible Information Standard makes sure that disabled patients receive information in formats that they can understand and receive support to help them to communicate.

For D/deaf people this means how you

  • book your appointment
  • how you get information like results
  • communication in appointments
  • making sure you can understand what is happening.

You can read more  here accessible-information-standard-easy-read-summer-2016

The law is for all NHS and adult social care services. There five things that need to happen – make sure you ask about the Accessible Information Standard at your next appointment so that your needs are recorded. NHS and adult social care have to –

  1. Ask what your communication needs are and find out how to meet them
  2. Record your answer for information and communication needs
  3. Make it clear on your notes and files what you information and communication needs are and how these can be met
  4. Share your information and communication needs with other NHS and adult social care services, with your permission
  5. Make sure you get information in an accessible way and communication support if needed

The law started July 31st 2016

Download the presentation at the Health and Wellbeing Conference in October 2016 by Access Bedford here accessible-information-standard-presentation-oct-2016



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