BSL Science Choir!

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There are no BSL signs for many of the elements of the periodic table, but Access Bedford with a lot of help from the community have created a BSL version!

Signs have been matched to elements from research, looking at the history and context of each element, who and where they were invented and what they do in every day use.

The BSL Periodic Table is part of The BedPop Science Lab which is on in Bedford during Science Week and Disabled Access Day. BedPop has worked with the composer Roger Illingworth and the Bedford Alchemists’ Choir who have received Arts Council funding to create a piece of music based on the periodic table of elements. By working closely with Access Bedford, the choir will incorporate sign language into their performance through the BSL Periodic Table.

We need to pass on huge thanks to our BSL Advisor, Emma Caswell for all her time and support working with Alison and Emma from Access Bedford in researching, discussing and agreeing the signs to use. Further thanks to the 100+ Deaf and hearing people who were filmed for the BSL choir and all the organisations who supported.

You can watch the BSL choir at

Find out more about us at

Bedpop Science Lab 2016

You can read which elements match to which sign here BSL periodic table 2016



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