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UPDATE 23.03.16

We have had new Deaf members join our slimming world group with Megan, Andrea and Claire joining Michelle, Catherine and Emma.  We are still going on a Wednesday evening from 7.30-9pm but every now and then have to change nights due to work so please email if you are new and planning to join.  We have lost over 3 & 1/2 stone since we started!  Our fave nights are the party nights when everyone brings free food or low syn food to share and get new ideas from each other 🙂

UPDATE 17.02.16

We got through Christmas, pancake day and Valentines chocolate treats and still enjoy going to Slimming World with our amazing leader Susan. Emma has achieved her 2 stone award and Catherine and Michelle are still focused. There has even been a few slimmers of the week from the Access Bedford group and 4lb weight loss in one week!

2 stone

Everyone is learning lots like a jug of oil for every chocolate bar in a chocolate fountain…eughk! If you would like to come to slimming world please email us so that we know to expect you – sometimes we have to change to another meeting because of work or Access Bedford events so let us know, everyone welcome!

It costs £10 to join and £4.95 each week.


UPDATE 13.12.15

We have carried on going to Slimming World even though the Christmas temptations have been everywhere with chocolate, Baileys and mince pies!  As a group we have managed to lose 22.5lbs but more importantly we have enjoyed meeting up each week, going to group and the social side of Slimming World.

We have a fantastic leader, Susan, who at the Scott Hall group on a Wednesday makes sure we are included and part of the group and Emma is volunteering to sign at the meetings.

2016 is going to be our big loss year so watch this space!



Four Access Bedford members have taken the plunge and joined Slimming World in Bedford to get ready for the Deaf Ball in November!

Catherine,  Emma, Suzie and Michelle are all going to Castle  Lower Slimming World where the leader, Michelle greeted us in the first week by signing “hello nice to meet you. My name is Michelle” which was fantastically inclusive and made us all feel welcome!  Emma is practicing her sign language each week for her level 4 course by signing the meeting and everyone is helping each other with tips and support to achieve.

You can follow our Slimming World journey on our blog … Wish us luck!

09.09.15 Week One: all nervous but ready to get started!

16.09.15 Week Two: total group loss 5lbs!

You can find out more about Slimming World at


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